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Kasha Potrohosh, Misha Kurilov, kuratorka Kvet Ngyen

Cycle Unstable 2022 is dedicated to the Russian-Ukrainian war. As a woman, author perceive the war in her own way, reflecting on her role and gender in the conflict of mentalities and situations. The world was once again divided into dualities: Good and Evil, Male and Female, Perpetrator and Victim, Attacker and Defender. Autor discover and explore her nationality, understanding how her identity culminates and escalates. She feel the need to perpetuate the pain in pursuit of a healing memory of traumatic events.
mixed media: photography, print on textile, site-specific text
I went through a transformation in the perception of my own nationality, which suddenly became the center of my being. Suddenly I stopped being ashamed of where I was from. I react differently to objects, places and sounds. I have witness syndrome and so my every day is filled with anxiety and guilt that so many people are suffering while I'm far away in a safe place. That's why I chose the kitchen, a place where I naturally feel safe, a kitchen that is a sign of home and becomes something fleeting, ephemeral. A safe place becomes a concept, an idea. I feel a broken contact with someone close to me. Identity gains strength with blood, sweat and tears. My desire is to return to the image where everything was peaceful.
 Memento mori and at the same time a symbol of two sides, two truths.
mixed media: oil painting, videoperformance 04´21´´, site-specific text
Berezha or Berehynja is one of the oldest and most revered symbols of paganism. It is a symbol of life and fertility, a symbol of mother nature, the mother of all beings, who gives life and protects it. A woman's womb, the origin of all living things. Berehynja is the personification of all good and positive forces of nature. Ready to help. A symbol that disappears in war, does not work, bleeds. War is the absolute opposite of Berehynja - it has a male face, it kills, it destroys. The blood-stained symbol of protection and life thus becomes a painful reminder of how pervasive violence is in human patriarchal society.
Is She just an incubator for future creatures capable of destroying all living things that stand in their way? Is Berehynja the guarantor of the quality of the children born?”
mixed media: photography, site-specific text
Our gender roles have become radicalised, we have become addicted to our roles. He is the abuser, I am the victim. It is hard to imagine how easy it is for him to accept his power, impunity, participation in the terror of people. Returning home, intoxicated with power, unable to shake off the concept of war, the abuser will continue his family. War does not invite men to become violent, but it provides opportunities. Feminist theory states that military violence is a product of the existing gender system, and a woman in war is both an instrument of fear and a valuable resource. Society lives with the idea that punishing the enemy by raping women seems fair. Hate is a social construct.
mixed media: 1-kanal video (no audiocanal) 3´05´´, site-specific text 
Suffering is a feminine element. A man must bravely bear pain and fear. Society claims that for me as woman, is natural to suffer desperately, howl, cry, sob and scream. Mother, daughter, sister, wife, grandmother - the roles that belong to the woman's heart mourn in painful cries those who are forced to kill.
Protecting by the death of others.
Photo exhibition: Tibor Czit
Photo vernisáž: Adam Bielik
pre WAYWARD EXILES, @Tabačka, Košice
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